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Canine Breeding Program Design

Optimizing a canine breeding program that maximizes genetic improvement realized per year requires a well-designed plan. This plan must take into account the relative genetic merit of potential young breeding animals. Furthermore, it needs to determine the number of young dogs and bitches required to be placed into breeding each year in order to produce a given number of puppies per year. Canine Genetic Services has over 30 years experience in operating breeding programs that meet these conditions. Through a consulting services contract, CGS can provide similar advice to your organization.

Online Database Creation using MySQL & PHP

The International Working Dog Registry is an online, in the cloud database management system built by a team of 3 people some of whom work for CGS. Drawing upon experience gained by building IWDR, CGS is now able to build similar online database management systems for other organizations. Please contact us for a quote to build your next system.

Data Importation

By drawing upon experience gained over 40 years of working with datasets, both large and small, Canine Genetic Services (CGS) knows how to move data from Excel spreadsheets into an industrial-grade relational database, like MySQL. Through a consulting services contract, perhaps negotiated for a fixed fee (assuming details of the data quality and format are well- described up front), CGS will do a one-time migration of data for clients. If the need exists for routinely migrating data from one system to another, CGS has the expertise to write Linux- based data migration routines that can be run on schedule to keep data synchronized between two or more data storage systems.

Maintenance of Cloud Based Linux Servers

Linux servers running in a cloud environment still require regular “care and feeding”. CGS has gained significant experience maintaining servers in the Digital Ocean cloud. This experience can be drawn upon to maintain servers for your cloud infrastructure. Please contact us for a quote.

Statistical Analysis using R

Data sitting in a database needs to be probed and studied in order to transform it into information useful for making real-world decisions. Prior to forming CGS, Dr. Leighton completed many statistical analyses using SAS, Stata, and R. Please contact us for a quote to analyze your data.

Eldin Leighton is the Owner and C.E.O of Canine Genetic Services, LLC. 
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Eldin Leighton
Samuel Leighton is lead web developer, as well as, Technical Consultant
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